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Как насчет применения стального листа с цветным покрытием?


Встальная пластина с цветным покрытием has a history of 60 years since it was born in 1936. Its application field is expanding with the development of production and the increase of social demand. Color coated steel sheet is based on hot-dip galvanized steel plate. Вsteel plate is first degreased, cleaned, galvanized and chemically transformed, and then the steel strip is continuously coated with initial coating and fine coating. Вcoating surface of стальная пластина с цветным покрытием is cured (baked) by curing furnace of international advanced level.

Стальная пластина с цветным покрытием has excellent decoration, formability, corrosion resistance and weather resistance. Стальная пластина с цветным покрытием has become an ideal material for construction industry, transportation manufacturing industry, light industry, office furniture, household appliances, food packaging and other industries.

Стальная дверь с цветным покрытием, перегородка, дверная рама, легкая и жесткая конструкция, раздвижная дверь, экран, потолок, отделка туалета, лифтовый вестибюль, лестница, вентиляционный канал, канал связи и т. Д.